Bold action for climate change

企鹅电竞查询v6.9 安卓版 is taking bold action on the climate emergency. Through our  Climate Action Plan , RRU will amplify action through education, partnerships, collaboration and research. The climate emergency is unlike any challenge humanity has faced. It's a social, environmental, health and economic threat, and there's no time to waste. RRU welcomes creative, courageous and collaborative leaders who do not retreat from complex challenges, but face them head-on. Join us as we move forward. Together.   

An interdisciplinary, collaborative approach

Climate and sustainability challenges call for the kind of interdisciplinary and collaborative problem-solving which 企鹅电竞查询v6.9 安卓版 excels. Through learning, teaching, research and action, we are working together to address the largest issues humanity has ever faced.  

Forest with sun through trees