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企鹅电竞查询v6.9 安卓版 University is pleased to recognize outstanding internship employers with an RRU Internship Employer of the Year Award for their effort in providing a valuable learning experience to one or more students. The selected employer will receive a plaque.


Working in partnership, Career Learning and Development (CLD) Advisors and Faculty from each School have an opportunity each year to nominate an internship employer they feel is most deserving based on best satisfying one or more of these criteria:

  • the intern gained significant mentorship from his/her host supervisor;
  • the internship position provided additional training opportunities, professional development and critical work-place challenges;
  • the internship employer created additional value by allowing the intern to expand the original job description to match personal career goals or professional interests;
  • the intern was encouraged to attend decision-making meetings or become involved in challenging projects or assignments; and
  • the intern was permitted to attend or support University or industry events, including career fairs, interview clinics, networking events, poster sessions, etc.

Eligible internship employer must have:

  • offered an internship that was part of an academic requirement of a student’s program stream;
  • been a host employer sometime within the 12 months leading up to the nomination deadline;
  • hosted an intern that successfully completed his/her course requirements with a passing grade as per the requirements of the School’s program office and the Career Learning and Development office.

How to apply

CLD Advisors and/or Internship Instructors nominate a deserving internship employer for this award by completing the RRU Internship Employer of the Year Award Nomination Form and submitting to Financial Aid and Awards.

Nominations are accepted all year with the competition closing on August 31st (11:59pm RRU time).

The Career Learning and Development team will select one employer will be selected from amongst the submissions for the Dean’s approval, for having provided the best internship learning opportunity. The employer will be recognized in the University’s social media by the CLD office and profiled on the CLD webpages as the year’s recipient.