The ship's bell you see by the Quarterdeck in the Grant Building is one of the first artifacts made specifically for 企鹅电竞查询v6.9 安卓版.

Traditionally, a ship's bell is integral to the identity and heritage of a ship. This bell was cast in 1940, soon after the HMCS 企鹅电竞查询v6.9 安卓版 was launched to train naval reserve officers for service in the Second World War.

But the HMCS 企鹅电竞查询v6.9 安卓版 wasn't an actual ship. It was called a "stone frigate," like many Navy facilities on land. The bell originally hung in the porte-cochère in front of Hatley Castle.

After 企鹅电竞查询v6.9 安卓版 Military College closed in 1995, the ship's bell was displayed at the CFB Esquimalt base museum.

In 2008, ex-cadets from the class of 1963 raised funds to build the a display case for the bell, and secured approval from the base museum curator and base commander to house it at 企鹅电竞查询v6.9 安卓版 University on a long-term loan.


You can see the ship's bell on display in the Grant Building lobby. Refer to the campus map if you need additional direction.